Q- How does this all work?
A- You schedule a float trip and then show up at our location 15 minutes before your scheduled time, from there we take care of everything else including equipment and travel to make sure you end up right back here at your vehicle.

Q-How long is the float trip?
A-Turkey Creek kayak trip takes 1.5 hrs— Platte River kayak trip takes approx 3 hrs— Tube trips on the Platte take approx 4 hrs

Q-What to wear?
A- You could get splashed so dress appropriately, flip-flops are not shoes and aren't considered appropriate, water shoes or old tennis shoes are fine

Q-What about children?
A- This will depend on your assessment of your child's ability to paddle if you chose you can have a small child ride in the kayak with you at no charge.

Q- What to bring?
A- Sunscreen, a small lunch type cooler for beverages and snacks, sunglasses…..we supply life jackets and all other equipment along with a shuttle so just bring a few personal items or nothing at all if you chose.

Q-When should I show up?
A-15 minutes before your scheduled time

Q-How do I get there?
A- There is a map with directions on the website.

Kearney Paddle Sports Directions

535 M Ave, Kearney, NE, United States 
From address location, follow Kearney Paddle Sports Sign ½ mile east through the RV Park.
Thursday - Sunday
All day
For large groups
Available any day of the week